On to Grad School…

For years I couldn’t decide one area within the social sciences to study. I was interested in different disciplines such as psychology, history, anthropology, political science etc. The BLS program seemed to have it all, and I was excited when I read the curriculum courses. At that time I was working full time and could not afford to quit my job. Thus, when I learned that the BLS program was 100 percent on line, I saw a great opportunity to pursue a B.A. degree. The variety of disciplines covered by the program, the flexibility to do the program at my own pace, the ability to keep my full time job, the great possibility to take the classes at home and the accessibility to work on my classes at any time were the numerous contributing factors that encouraged me to enroll in the program. The BLS program along with the writing center helped me to improve my communication and writing skills, and provided me with analytical thinking and problem solving strategies.

The day I graduated I was proud of myself, I wanted to inspire and show to my daughter that it is possible to graduate from college with honors even when one is working full time, one is older, and even when English is the second language. I am working full time as a domestic violence advocate in Chatham County and pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling on line.

Cecilia Gonzalez Barber

BLS SSC 2014