Student Handbook

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition Structure for Distance Students

Know Your Tuition Status & Enroll in the Proper Section

In-state BLS students pay distance-learning rates for all online classes, and avoid main-campus athletics and activities fees.

The UNCG Division of Continual Learning maintains this listing of tuition and fees for all distance-learning students, which will help you determine if your bill is correct:

Tuition and Fees for Distance Learning Courses.

If you enroll in on campus courses, you may be billed for tuition and campus activities fees. You may also be subject to the health insurance requirement, which does not apply to distance-learning students.

Financial Aid & VA Benefits

The BLS office is not qualified to discuss your financial aid or veterans’ benefits.

Financial Aid

BLS students are eligible for the same federal student aid available to all degree-seeking students. The federal aid currently available to students is primarily in the form of low-interest student loans, which must be paid back when your enrollment ends, regardless of whether you completed your degree. Some grants are available, such as the federal Pell grant. The Cost of Attendance calculation (COA) for online degree-seeking students is roughly equivalent to that of at-home commuter students.

Students wishing to receive federal student aid should file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and then follow up with the UNCG Financial Aid Office. Students attending more than one institution in the same semester should apply through the parent institution (the one where you intend to receive your degree), and must inform financial-aid counselors of all enrollments.

If you have received a financial aid disbursement and declare an online degree-completion major (e.g., one of the BLS concentrations) during the same semester, you may be required to return a portion of your disbursement. Thus, if you have already received a financial-aid disbursement for the semester and you are not prepared to return a percentage of those funds, you should request that your change of major be processed as of the beginning of the following semester (those changes can be made beginning about mid-semester).

For further information, see the Financial Aid Office’s Distance Education page.

Veterans’ Benefits

Veterans’ enrollment certification is handled in the University Registrar’s Office. Contact the Veterans’ Services Coordinator for all matters involving veterans’ benefits.