Student Handbook

Transferring Credits to UNCG

This information is for admitted UNCG online students who are taking classes elsewhere to cover UNCG degree requirements. If you are a new transfer student interested in the BLS program, please contact us at 336-334-4977 or see our main website.

Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Equivalencies:

See Bulletin for full overview.

Send Transcripts:
We recommend you send a transcript at the end of each term or self-paced course, even if you are planning to take additional courses from the same institution. That way your courses show up on your UNCG degree evaluation. You can see that they have been articulated as expected, and avoid any nasty surprises when you’re planning to graduate.

  • Send official transcripts to:
    UNCG Registrar’s Office
    Attn: Transfer Articulation
    P.O. Box 26170
    Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

Minimum Grade of C:
Only coursework with a grade of C or above will transfer to UNCG. Courses with a grade of C- or below will not transfer.

Maximum of 64 Credits from 2-year Schools:
UNCG will only accept a total of 64 credits from 2-year schools toward the 122-credit minimum for graduation. Additional courses will transfer to meet degree requirements, but the credits themselves will not transfer.

Transfer Credit Waivers of GEC Markers:
Transfer credit waivers for Writing Intensive, Speaking Intensive, and Global requirements do not apply to continuing students. These waivers are only applicable with initial transfer credit, before you begin classes at UNCG.

Petitioning Transfer Credit

When to Petition Transfer Credit:
If you have transfer credits that should reasonably meet UNCG’s General Education Core requirements but have only been accepted as elective credit, you may petition the transfer articulation personnel to reexamine them.
Do not make frivolous petitions! Research the requirements you are petitioning (for example, studio drawing classes don’t meet the GFA), and only petition courses that may reasonably meet requirements you need. Do not petition requirements you have already met.

How to Petition Transfer Credit:

  • See the GEC Petition for Transfer Credit page.
  • Fill out the online form (requires UNCG login).
  • Fill in all Student Identification and Contact Information.
  • Fill in all Course Information.
    • Use the original course number, not the transfer equivalent.
  • Select the requirement you think the course should meet.
  • Include the original course description.
  • Press Submit.
  • Repeat the entire form for each class you are petitioning.
  • For 300-level credit, contact the academic department for petition procedures.

Credit for Military Training

Credits Awarded for Military Training:
Most veterans and active-duty personnel can receive approximately 6 elective credits for Basic Training. Additional credits may be awarded for advanced training, subsequent to student petition and departmental review.

How To Receive Credit for Military Training:
Request an official American Council on Education (ACE) transcript from your military branch, and have an official transcript sent to:

  • UNCG Undergraduate Admissions
    Attn: Transfer Articulation
    P.O. Box 26170
    Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

Credit for Basic Training should be awarded automatically upon transfer articulation. To pursue further credit for advanced training, contact the Transfer Articulation office after your initial 6 credits have been awarded.

Inactive Graduating Students

If you are completing the last of your degree requirements elsewhere:
If you will not be taking any more classes at UNCG, Do not apply for readmission or send your transcripts to the admissions office. Send all transcripts to the registrar’s office, then log on to UNCGenie and apply to graduate under the Registration menu (if that doesn’t work, contact the registrar’s office). The deadline to apply for graduation is usually at the end of the first week of the semester. If you are planning to graduate in May, you should apply in January, during the first week of Spring semester (transcripts of completed work can be accepted until the week of commencement). Make sure your personal information and address are up to date!