Student Handbook

Textbook Requirements

This is the most recent information provided to the BLS Program office. Course syllabi supersede this list. Online courses generally have significant online reading not reflected in these purchasing lists.

Purchasing information at bottom of page. Feel free to shop around.

* Note: ISBNs issued as early as 2005 contained 13 digits (ISBN-13) instead of 10 digits. Some publishers have converted 10-digit ISBNs to ISBN-13 in subsequent pressings. If you a search a bookstore site for one ISBN and get a hit on the ISBN-13 equivalent (or vice versa), you can rest assured it is the same book.

Buying Your Textbooks

You may purchase your textbooks online through the UNCG bookstore, or you may purchase your textbooks on the open market. Feel free to search the internet for better prices from reputable sellers.