Student Handbook

Should You Apply Now? Or Should You Wait?

Do You Have At Least 60 Transferable Credits?

If you do not have 60 transfer credits before beginning classes at UNCG, it will affect the Writing Intensive, Speaking Intensive, and Global Perspectives waivers that are based on Initial Transfer Credit. One waiver is granted in each of those three categories at the 60-credit threshold. Missing those waivers means you will have to satisfy the requirements before you can graduate. Compare:

Transfer Waivers for 60 – 89 Initial Transfer Credits:

  • 2 of 4 Writing Intensives — 2 remain.
  • 1 of 2 Speaking Intensives — 1 remains.
  • 2 of 4 Global Perspectives — 2 remain.

Transfer Waivers for 30 – 59 Initial Transfer Credits:

  • 1 of 4 Writing Intensives — 3 remain.
  • 0 of 2 Speaking Intensives — 2 remain; only 1 is available online!
  • 1 of 4 Global Perspectives — 3 remain.

You must also complete at least 60 credits before you can be admitted to the BLS Program or enroll in BLS classes. If you have fewer than 60 credits you will be limited to General Education Core courses, and a comparison of the waiver lists shows that it may be worth your while to take some of those courses at your community college before enrolling at UNCG.

Are You Almost Finished With Your Associate’s Degree?

If you are close to completing your AA or AS degree at a North Carolina community college, it may be worth your while to complete that degree before enrolling at UNCG. Completion of the AA or AS at a North Carolina community college, with grades of C or above, qualifies you for Comprehensive Articulation (CAA) at UNCG. CAA satisfies all General Education Core requirements except Foreign Language Proficiency. The same courses without CAA qualification may mean having to take additional sciences, social sciences or humanities to satisfy your General Education Core requirements.

Do You Need Courses Not Offered Online at UNCG?

If you need General Education Core courses not available online at UNCG, you may be better off to complete them at your local community college before enrolling at UNCG. This is especially true if the completion of those courses will carry you across a 60-credit or 90-credit threshold, resulting in additional GL, WI, and/or SI waivers.

Have You Been Admitted to UNCG With Fewer Than 60 Transfer Credits?

If you have been admitted but haven’t started taking classes at UNCG, any additional transfer courses will be applied to your Initial Transfer Credit. You can defer your admission to UNCG and take more courses from your community college (or elsewhere), and they will count toward those waivers. However, once you begin taking classes at UNCG, no additional transfer credit will be applied toward those waivers.

Where Can You Get Those Credits?

These North Carolina Community Colleges advertise distance-learning Associate of Arts programs for College Transfer and/or General Education:

You can learn more about these programs at the North Carolina Community College System’s Virtual Learning Community