BLS 360: ‘Picked’ Over: The plight of migrant workers in the U.S.

This course would allow students to delve into the topic of seasonal migration/seasonal farmworkers in the U.S. Readings, discussions, and assignments will focus on:

  • The history of migrant workers /past and present immigration to the US
  • The impact of seasonal workers’ immigration as it relates to:
    1. Labor / Workplace disparities
    2. Health disparities
    3. Environmental effects
  • Contemporary immigrant activism and organizing

The primary goal of the course is to utilize varies theoretical frameworks to describe the experiences of immigrants in the U.S. Students will communicate what they are learning through discussion forums, weekly reading reflection, academic essay. A variety of teaching methods will be employed including lectures, discussions, and video presentations.


Proposed Text: Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States, Seth Holmes, PhD / ISBN-13: 978-0520275133