BLS 301: Pathways: Reading and Writing in the Humanities

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Have you ever roamed the countryside searching for answers to things you did not understand? Chances are you have, whether you’ve been on an actual physical quest or, more mundanely, roaming the internet to find information to complete a class assignment. The act of roaming and searching for answers is central to being a life-long learner—the ultimate objective of higher education.

This course is an introduction to the different modes of inquiry (aka pathways) that makeup the Humanities: Literature, Fine Arts, Philosophy/Religion/Ethics, and History. We will examine these different pathways, which can overlap and become entwined with one another, and consider how they can inform, guide, challenge and enrich our lives. During the semester you will develop and hone basic academic skills which will help you successfully navigate these pathways as you continue your education in the BLS program.


  • Dickens, Charles. Hard Times: A Longman Cultural Edition, ed. Jeff Nunokawa and Gage McWeeny. Longman, 2003. ISBN 9780321107213
  • MLA Handbook, 8th ed. Modern Language Association of America, 2016. ISBN 9781603292627
  • Webcam or smartphone (ability to record and upload video).