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Anns Hands

BLS 241: Visualizing Disability

Students will compare and contrast various cultural frameworks for visualizing disability in art, film, television, and other forms of visual culture. Initial…

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documentary film crew during sunset

BLS 340 Discourse, Drama, Documentary

Documentary films cross and confuse notions of “truth,” or journalism, and “lies,” or fiction.  This course focuses on viewing, analyzing, and writing critically…

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BLS 348: Representing Women

Focuses on women as the producers, consumers, and subjects of visual culture. Course materials center on the visual arts and the Feminist…

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BLS 347: Shakespeare Off the Page

William Shakespeare’s plays are among the most widely read, studied, analyzed, anthologized, and criticized works in all of literature. His plays have…

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BLS 346: The Art of Life & Vice Versa

This course draws its title and inspiration from The Accidental Masterpiece: The Art of Life and Vice Versa, a volume of essays by The…

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BLS 345: Photography: Contexts and Illusions

This course analyzes the uses and abuses of photography in science, art, commercial culture, documentary, journalism and the other media, and personal…

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BLS 343: Big Plays, Big Ideas

Throughout history theater has served as a site for the imaginative exploration of big ideas in dramatic stories. This course will examine…

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BLS 342: Painting on the Page

An opportunity to consider in depth some of the outstanding masterpieces in Western art while reading narratives, essays, poems, and plays inspired…

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BLS 341: Eye Appeal: Spectacle on Stage and in Life

From ancient times to the present, “spectacle” (the visual aspects of human performance — architecture, scenery, costumes, makeup, lighting, special effects, and…

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BLS 340: Singing the American Dream

The Broadway musical is America’s unique contribution to world theatre. Combining romantic storytelling with song, dance, spectacle and stellar performances, musical theatre…

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