Alumni Stories

Zann's Photo

Restorative Justice in Virginia

BLS Professional Studies student Zann Nelson Initiated a resolution “Acknowledging with profound regret the existence and acceptance of lynching within the commonwealth” in the 2019 Virginia General Assembly. The resolution passed unanimously and was reported in U.S. News and world Report.

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Make a global impact

Noor Ghazi a 2017 graduate of the BLS program recently published a co-authored article titled: “Stuck Between War and Europe: Syrian Refugees in Turkey”

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On to Grad School…

Cecilia Gonzalez Barber graduated the BLS program in 2014 with a concentration in Social Sciences and is currently attending graduate school in counseling while working full time as a domestic violence advocate in Chatham County.

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Traveling, Teaching, & Learning in Asia

Margaret, 30, has been on the Dean’s list since joining the BLS Program — while teaching English in China, traveling in Thailand and Mongolia, and working with Tibetan refugees in India!

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Stationed in Germany

“I have had an interest in UNCG since high school, but never thought I would find a program I could take while I was living here.”

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An American in Paris

Kristina entered the BLS Program in its first year as a part-time student, and finished the major at age 33.

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