BLS Social Sciences Concentration

Rationale and Program Objectives

The Special Programs in Liberal Studies, Social Sciences Concentration, is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary online program. The program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to earn their baccalaureate degree online by gaining a broad-based understanding of the social sciences. The social sciences are the fields of academic scholarship that explore aspects of human behavior and societies. Upon completing the Special Programs in Liberal Studies Social Sciences concentration students will be able to:

    • Engage theory and practice in the social sciences to better understand human behavior, activities, organizations, and cultures.
    • Critically analyze social science related information in the popular media.
    • Explain the interconnections, differences, and interdependence among the social sciences.
    • Read, evaluate, and interpret research in the social sciences.
    • Communicate clearly and effectively in an appropriate professional style.

Minimum of 30 credits as listed below.

Degree Requirements

BLS Social Sciences Concentration: 30 Semester Hours (see catalog)

  • BLS Social Sciences Foundation Courses
    These courses should be taken in the first semester(s) of the program.

    • SSC 300: Doing Social Science: 1 course.
    • SSC 301: Contemporary Issues in the Social Sciences: 1 course.
  • BLS Social Sciences Intermediate Seminar
    This course should be taken midway through the program.

    • SSC 350: Inequality in a Changing World: 1 course.
  • BLS Social Sciences Distribution:
    At least one course from three different areas listed below. Courses counted toward an additional or previously completed major or minor will not count toward this concentration.

    • Anthropology: ATY courses at 200 level or above.
    • Comm Studies: CST courses at 200 level or above.
    • Economics: ECO 201, ECO courses at 200 level or above.
    • Geography: GEO courses at 200 level or above, excluding GEO 311, 312, 314, 330, 359, 510, 511, 559, 570, 589.
    • Political Science:  PSC courses at 200 level or above.
    • Psychology: PSY courses at 200 level or above.
    • Sociology: SOC courses at 200 level or above.
  • BLS Social Sciences Area of Emphasis:
    At least three additional courses from one of the areas listed above. Area of Emphasis cannot be in the same discipline as an additional or previously-completed major or minor.
  • BLS Senior Seminar in the Social Sciences
    To be taken in the final semester of the BLS Social Sciences Concentration

    • SSC 400: Senior Seminar: 1 course; includes SI & WI markers.
    • BLS Electives: as desired, to meet residency and upper-division requirements.

University Residency and GPA Minimum Requirements (see catalog)

  • 120 Total Semester Credits:
    Accepted transfer credit + courses completed at UNCG.
  • 31 Semester Credits from UNCG:
    Minimum 12 s.h. toward any major and 9 s.h. toward any minor.
  • 36 Semester Credits at 300 Level or Above.
  • 2.0 Cumulative GPA: Minimum GPA for coursework attempted at UNCG.

Other Requirements*

Students under the 2021-2022 catalog or later must complete Minerva’s Academic Wisdom (MAC), Communicating Ideas in Context (CIC), and meet University requirements

Students under the 2020-2021 catalog or earlier must complete General Education (GEC), Liberal Education Commitment (LEC), and meet University requirements

*Consult with your advisor about which requirements fit your circumstances