BLS Social Sciences Concentration

Degree Requirements

AOS Code: U862

University Residency and GPA Minimum Requirements (see bulletin)

  • 122 Total Semester Credits:
    Accepted transfer credit + courses completed at UNCG.
  • 31 Semester Credits from UNCG:
    Minimum 12 s.h. toward any major and 9 s.h. toward any minor.
  • 36 Semester Credits at 300 Level or Above.
    (Most BLS Social Sciences courses are at 300- & 400-level.)
  • 2.0 Cumulative GPA: Minimum GPA for coursework attempted at UNCG.

BLS Social Sciences Concentration: 30 Semester Hours (see bulletin)

  • BLS Social Sciences Foundation Courses
    These courses should be taken in the first semester(s) of the program.

    • SSC 300: Doing Social Science: 1 course.
    • SSC 301: Contemporary Issues in the Social Sciences: 1 course.
  • BLS Social Sciences Intermediate Seminar
    This course should be taken midway through the program.

    • SSC 350: Inequality in a Changing World: 1 course.
  • BLS Social Sciences Distribution:
    At least one course from three different areas listed below. Courses counted toward an additional or previously completed major or minor will not count toward this concentration.

    • Anthropology: ATY courses at 300 level or above.
    • Comm Studies: CST courses at 300 level or above.
    • Economics: ECO 201, ECO courses at 300 level or above.
    • Geography: GEO courses at 300 level or above, excluding GEO 311, 312, 314, 330, 359, 510, 511, 559, 570, 589.
    • Political Science: PSC 240, PSC courses at 300 level or above.
    • Psychology: PSY 240, 280, PSY courses at 300 level or above.
    • Sociology: SOC 201, SOC courses at 300 level or above.
  • BLS Social Sciences Area of Emphasis:
    At least three additional courses from one of the areas listed above. Area of Emphasis cannot be in the same discipline as an additional or previously-completed major or minor.
  • BLS Senior Seminar in the Social Sciences
    To be taken in the final semester of the BLS Social Sciences Concentration

    • SSC 400: Senior Seminar: 1 course; includes SI & WI markers.
  • BLS Electives: as desired, to meet residency and upper-division requirements.

College of Arts & Sciences General Education Core Requirements (GEC+CAR)

  • GFA: Fine Arts: 1 course.
  • GLT: Literature: 2 different courses.
  • GPR: Philosophical, Religious, & Ethical Perspectives: 1 course.
  • GMO: Modern History: 1 course.
  • GPM: Pre-Modern History: 1 course.
  • GMT: Mathematics: 1 course.
  • GLS: Life Science: 1 course.
  • GPS: Physical Science: 1 course.
  • NS: Additional Natural Science: 1 course. (GLS or GPS)
  • LAB: Natural Science Lab, to accompany GLS or GPS: 1 laboratory.
  • GRD1: Reasoning and Discourse: ENG 101 or Equivalent: 1 course.
  • GRD: Reasoning and Discourse: 1 course.
  • GSB: Social & Behavioral Sciences: 3 different courses from ≥ 2 departments.
  • GFL: Foreign Language Intermediate Proficiency: 204 level; requires 4 semesters for most students.

Markers (may be combined with courses above):

  • GLOB1: Global Nonwestern (GN): 1 course.
  • GLOB2: Global (GL or GN): 3 courses.
  • SI: Speaking Intensive: 2 courses (1 must be in BLS major).
  • WI: Writing Intensive: 4 courses (1 must be in BLS major).

Your Degree Evaluation will show which of these degree requirements you have met.

*Students enrolled at UNCG prior to 2001 may be under CLER, see your advisor for information.