BLS General Psychology Concentration

(New for Fall 2021)

Rationale and Objectives:

The BLS General Psychology concentration creates an opportunity path for students interested in human services careers, which require psychological knowledge but not necessarily all the specific technical “know-how” of a Psychology BA or BS.

UNCG has many students who graduate every year and work in the field broadly described as “human services” that include everything from activities coordinators at nursing homes to case managers in the juvenile justice system. These students are often interested in psychology and require knowledge about human behavior and cognition but will not be working in the therapeutic or research settings that a Psychology BA or BS prepares them for. The BLS General Psychology concentration allows these students to tailor psychology class selections to the settings they plan on working in, with a broader research methods class that provides preparation applicable in most workplaces (survey and observational research, rather than laboratory experiments).

The BLS General Psychology concentration also requires a capstone experience designed to reinforce the knowledge students have gained from an interdisciplinary point of view, preparing them for their careers of interest.

Upon completion of the General Psychology Concentration students will be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in an appropriate professional style.
  • Connect learning in the humanities, social sciences, and other fields to their professional lives, emphasizing current research in the field of psychology.
  • Think critically and analytically about behavior and mental processes.
  • Understand and explain interconnections between psychology and other fields.

Concentration Requirements

The General Psychology concentration requires 30 total credits in the BLS BA major including

● 24 credits of PSY courses: Including PSY 121 (a prerequisite for most PSY courses) and 21 additional PSY credits of which 12 must be at the 300+ level. Note: PSY 433 can count for a maximum of 3 credits.

● 6 credits taught by BLS: SSC 300 (Research Methods) and SSC 400 (Capstone Course). Note: The capstone should be taken in the final semester of the Major.

Other Requirements*

Students under the 2021-2022 catalog or later must complete Minerva’s Academic Wisdom (MAC), Communicating Ideas in Context (CIC), and meet University requirements

Students under the 2020-2021 catalog or earlier must complete General Education (GEC), Liberal Education Commitment (LEC), and meet University requirements

*Consult with your advisor about which requirements fit your circumstances